Zero-Sum Connectivity

by Adam Gervin

The folks at SDxCentral wrote an interesting piece this past week. "Why SD-WAN Won't Kill MPLS." Interesting, because in truth it reads like an advertisement for Mode. Except, we had nothing to do with it. As a startup, you live for moments like these when the market gives you a big, hearty affirmation that your raison d'être isn't delusional.

Could it be that SD-WAN providers promised more than they could deliver? The author seems to think so. Data shows the market for enterprise connectivity is not a zero-sum game: SD-WAN is growing, but so is MPLS. So the article's premise seems to be accurate — for now.

The author highlights the chief complaints about MPLS: 1. costly, 2. slow service start, slow modification, and 3. frustrating troubleshooting. But he makes an important point about trading one set of problems for another "tell a network professional you can cut their monthly WAN spending by two-thirds, but... performance will degrade by half, and I bet they won't even consider it."

And that's the rub of using the best-efforts internet core as a backbone for SD-WAN deployments. Not reliable enough for the kind of stuff companies use MPLS for today.

But he's not done, "Tell that same network professional person you can drastically improve reliable connectivity between branches for less than a traditional WAN circuit while streamlining operations and you’ve got their attention."

The idea of a Cloud Private Network is pretty simple — give businesses the reliability and security of traditional private networks like MPLS, but in the form of a flexible cloud service. Give them instant service starts, realtime management, and end-to-end transparency (not just edge transparency). Let's throw in dynamic bandwidth and elastic pricing to boot.

Above all, give them the same reliability they expect from MPLS. It's possible to do all this as a Cloud Private Network without the Mode HALO breakthrough. What Mode HALO enables is curve-jump in network efficiency that allows us to offer all this at a business-internet price point. Best of all, we work with any SD-WAN installation, side-by-side with MPLS. So you can transition at your own pace from MPLS to SD-WAN + Mode. A little goes a long way.

Here's the original article.