by Adam Gervin

It's hard for a startup to create a new solution category. It's generally a bad idea. Everyone thinks of the world in a contemporaneous paradigm, and they want to stick you into the right preexisting box. There is little startups can do to change that.

So when we talk about what we've built, for the sake of clarity, we use terms like "Cloud Private Network" or the idea of delivering a flexible, SaaS-friendly private network as a service. It's all very descriptive and easy to digest. Still, there is another term we favor.

SD-CORE. It's no accident that it sounds like SD-WAN. SD-CORE is the yin to SD-WAN's yang. Mode SD-CORE is the world's highest-performing SD-CORE, and it's a perfect complement to any SD-WAN. Here's why:

  1. SD-WAN, in its purest form, is an edge technology. It does amazing things, but nearly all of its control and transparency is at the edge (CPE). SD-CORE extends the domain of an SD-WAN beyond the edge, through the heart of the global network, and out to the other side where SD-WAN takes over again.
  2. Transparency. SD-WAN gives enterprises full transparency for the edge of their WAN. SD-CORE extends that complete transparency (and control) end-to-end.
  3. Reliability. SD-WAN provides last-mile reliability through optional redundancy of ISP connections, and intelligent routing of application traffic. SD-CORE provides an SLA-backed QoS alternative to the internet core transporting data among SD-WAN endpoint CPEs. This is especially important given that over 99% of latency variance happens outside of the last-mile. Furthermore, Mode SD-CORE autonomously routes data over the highest-performing path, including the internet should the private core itself experience any kind of failure. Bits must always flow.
  4. Security. SD-WAN sends data over encrypted tunnels via the best-efforts internet. Mode SD-CORE preserves customer-control of end-to-end encrypted data, shuttling those encrypted bits over a true QoS controlled private cloud service featuring MPLS-like reliability.
  5. Flexibility. SD-WAN gives enterprises choice over which application data flows over which network: internet or MPLS. SD-CORE extends this choice, adding Mode SD-CORE to the list. This enables the safe, phased transition of traffic from MPLS or internet to Mode SD-CORE. Mode SD-CORE allows the 60-second spin up of a virtually unlimited number of private global cloud networks, enabling micro-segmentation by application.
  6. Economics. SD-WAN is heralded for its affordability for applications like site-to-site connectivity. Mode SD-CORE brings business-Internet economics to a global QoS network with dynamic bandwidth allocation. You only pay for what you use.

The combination of SD-WAN and SD-CORE produces a transparent, flexible, secure end-to-end global QoS solution for enterprise, at a business-internet price point.