What, Mode Worry?

by Adam Gervin

We worry so you don't have to.

Welcome to the No-Worry Network

We know what keeps CIOs up at night. Compliance worries. Security worries. Network downtime worries. Performance worries. Even cost worries.

SD-WAN brought control to the edge of the Enterprise network, and it helped, but sleepless nights persisted. Why?

Before I answer that, let me remind you about two things that have been keeping me up at night...

First, don't miss our upcoming webinar, featuring Searl Tate, Recent CIO, and Managing Director Paul Hastings, an AMLAW 100 Law Firm with strict SD-WAN performance, security, and compliance requirements. The topic: Securing The Enterprise with your SD-WAN + Mode SD-CORE.

Featuring: Searl Tate, Recent CIO and Managing Director, Paul Hastings LLC;
When: Thursday, January 31st, 10:00 a.m. (PDT)

Second, if you're attending the SD-WAN Expo in Ft. Lauderdale, please come and see our booth, and hear a panel discussion featuring Doug Case, Mode's VP of Sales.

As I was saying... SD-WAN brought control to the edge of the Enterprise network, and it helped, but sleepless nights persisted. Why?

The core. I could say something about "rotten" but that's so predictable. But what isn't predictable is that ever-present Internet Core wedged between your SD-WANs. It's unreliable. Uncontrollable. Insecure. It's a big ball of worry.

We've talked about bringing the kind of control SD-WAN gives you at the network edge, and extending it to the long-haul core. We've reviewed the various core control approaches — Optimized Internet Core and Private Core. For high-security WANs relied upon by compliance-oriented organizations in need of high performance and high availability, a Private Core is the best practice.

But here’s the secret: if you do it right, your SD-WAN and the right core control will give you a No-Worry Network. OK, maybe a Worry-Less Network, but let's be honest — that just doesn't sound as good.

Our friends at Talari Networks, now part of Oracle, call it Failsafe SD-WAN. That's pretty cool. We can't call it the same thing, but we're talking about the same thing, and working together to make it so. Your CIO: less worry, more sleep.

That's exactly why we built Mode — to make your task of delivering an affordable, high-performance, secure, reliable WAN — that simplifies achieving compliance — much less stressful.

End-to-End vs. POP-to-POP

No-Worry Networks require high performance and high security to live up to their name.

It's Mode's position that you can't achieve either if your performance gains happen at the POP. Today's Cloud MPLS providers, for example, rely on POP-to-POP, and that's simply not worry-free. Here's why:

First of all, if your performance techniques — let's say WAN Optimization — happen at the POP, data decryption outside the Enterprise is implied. That requires the Enterprise to share their keys. And that's a no-no for ultimate security and facilitated compliance. Zero trust, remember?

Secondly, if the magic happens at the POP, your performance gains are going to be limited to POP-to-POP, instead of end-to-end. That can make a huge difference with large file transfers, and frankly any high-performance applications like video and voice. You want to worry less? You need end-to-end performance.

At Mode, we believe all optimizations, encryptions, and security policies should take place on the Enterprise premises. We work with our SD-WAN CPE partners to do just that. None of our amazing performance gains require decryption, and all of those gains are realized end-to-end across the Mode SD-CORE Private Global Network as a Service. And not just WAN optimization, but Perfect Network ControlTM, with global control changes at every node on the network, every 150 milliseconds — for untouchable, guaranteed WAN performance and availability.

End-to-end vs POP-to-POP preserves the highest standards of security, AND delivers the ultimate levels of performance. And that makes Mode and Your SD-WAN a true No-Worry Network, by design.

Now, you'll have forgive me, but I've got to go worry about our upcoming CIO dinner, two shows, this and next-month's webinars, and a Basecamp task list that is growing scarily large. If anyone happens to know of a No-Worry Marketing solution, please let me know so I can sleep as well as our CIO customers ;)

No, seriously. Please?

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