We'll Always Have Paris — SD-CORE whispers to SD-WAN

by Adam Gervin

There was no Bogart. No tearful goodbyes. But the Mode team left Paris with something better — confidence.

Not just our confidence, but yours. You, the CIO, the VP Network Operations. For some time, you've feared the transition to the cloud.

You've woken up at night in a sweat. And that fear has made you cling to the past. To rigid, expensive, and decidedly cloud-unfriendly connectivity solutions like MPLS.

We left Paris, and we gave you the confidence to let go. The confidence that the cloud could deliver both where MPLS succeeds (reliability and QoS), and where it falls short (flexibility and economy).

We didn't start the ball rolling. That was SD-WAN. It gave you confidence in the edge of your network, with visibility, and the flexibility to chose among different networks. It made site-to-site connectivity a snap. And it did it without breaking the bank.

Still, you knew that at its core, it was still using the Internet. And that made you nervous. And for good reason. The Internet Core is anything but reliable. At least SD-WAN let you pick and choose, and that's exactly what you did, using MPLS like the preciously expensive resource that it is.

And then you came to Paris. You saw Paul Dawes, Mode CEO, at the Summit Keynote. And everything changed when he told you about SD-CORE.

SD-CORE sounds a lot like SD-WAN, and that's not an accident. Where SD-WAN brings software-defined control to the edge of the enterprise WAN, SD-CORE takes it end-to-end, across the world's highest-performing private global network as a service.

The need for an SD-CORE has never been greater, and in Paris we learned we are not alone. We saw SD-CORE like projects from Cisco (NGENA) and VMWare. All driven by the need for a better middle mile and the increasing reliability and performance of Internet access. But only Mode offers a network operating at the theoretical limit of packet-switched efficiency. Translation: an untouchable combination of performance and economy.

Mode has replaced that pesky Internet Core with the world's highest-performing SD-CORE, and it works with any SD-WAN with the turn of a key. Still, it was Paris, and you know what those arrondissements can do to star-crossed technology companies. In fact, rumor has it that Mode and Versa Networks were seen holding hands at the Tuileries (read the press release here).

We also saw lots of traditional vendors piling into the SD-WAN space, each trying to differentiate via a better end-to-end experience at a reasonable price. Enter Mode, and our SD-WAN + SD-CORE partner program.

Paris is now a memory. But now you're more confident in the cloud than ever. You know that the combination of SD-WAN and SD-CORE gives you MPLS-level QoS and reliability AND cloud flexibility, and it does it at a business internet price point.

Bonne nuit et beaux reves!