Their Peanut Butter, Our Chocolate

by Adam Gervin

Talk about a busy week. You know the way fast-growth startups can be. Some weeks, you're just pushing that boulder. And other weeks, it comes at you nonstop, and you just don't have enough hours in the day.

This week is one of those.

First, we are incredibly pleased to welcome Versa Networks to the Mode fold (read the press release). Big handshake. Versa Networks is a leading provider of SD-WAN solutions, and the first to join our newly minted SD-WAN + SD-CORE Partner Program. What's that, you ask?

Well, it's like peanut butter and chocolate. Or Gracie and George (Meghan and Harry for you millennials). Two great things that are just better together. SD-WAN brings cloud service flexibility to the edge of the enterprise WAN. That means easy setup and management, and edge visibility. Still, lots of folks continue to use rigid, expensive legacy connectivity solutions like MPLS because of its rock-solid reliability (hint: that's not good cloud etiquette). But we understand. There was no good alternative. Until now.

Mode has stretched the software-defined goodness of SD-WAN, and brought it to the core of the network. We use our breakthrough autonomous routing control to make our cloud private network as reliable as MPLS, but as affordable as business internet. We call this flexible network-as-a-service SD-CORE, and it's built to literally turnkey enhance any SD-WAN. All that SD-WAN edge goodness of flexibility, reliability, and visibility now goes end-to-end, over the entire corporate WAN — for the cost of business internet. We think that's pretty sweet. Peanut butter and chocolatey goodness.

Versa is our first SD-WAN partner. Together we are making enterprises big and small confident in their transition to the cloud. No more clinging to legacy connectivity solutions. It's ok, you can let go, little by little if that makes you feel better.

In other news, Mode is at the SD-WAN Summit 2018 in Paris! And ... we are a Diamond Sponsor!!! Funny, because of the shape of those tetrahedral carbon bonds sort of looks like an autonomously routed network, but that's just me. Our CEO Paul Dawes is giving the keynote all about the need for the SD-CORE I just described. Nithin Michael, Ph.D., and Mode co-Founder will talk about how he brought the world's first autonomous network to life.

When we aren't presenting, you can find us celebrating in the Versa booth, where we will show you how Versa + Mode = SD-WAN + SD-CORE = Better Together = Cloud with Confidence. That's math that I know you'll appreciate. See you there!