The Mode OMG! Stack

by Adam Gervin

Have It Your Way.

I am simply amazed at the volume of professional acronyms that get tossed around daily on the job. It’s clearly some sort of currency of credibility.

I come from the world of medicine. No shortage there. LOL in NAD – know what I mean? Exactly. We even use different words for things that already sound legitimate. For example, urination. You think? Nope. If you’re a doctor, it’s micturition. We simply can’t speak the same language as outsiders (side note: I just used the word “urination” in a blog about private networks :) ).

In the world of enterprise networking, it’s no different. So many acronyms. 

  • MPLS
  • OSPF
  • SLA
  • OSI

Oh, yes, OSI.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that most of what we do at Mode is about flexibility and choice for our customers re: their network. In fact, I can think of seven ways Mode does this. That happens to be the same number of layers in the OSI model. And while Mode applies its technical magic solely to layers 2 and 3 of OSI, we provide all SEVEN layers of what I am now calling **the Mode OMG! Stack**. What are they? I’m glad you asked.



Layer 1: 
Millisecond Control
Mode’s dedication to flexibility starts at the packet level. What could be more flexible than a private network that makes global, node-level routing changes every 150 ms? That responds to dramatic traffic disruptions like a faster, smarter, cooler version of Neo (cmon, The Matrix). You know the phrase “bend but don’t break?” Millisecond control is like that. Bits must always flow. Autonomous control means that, no matter how Byzantine the network, we will find the way. And not just any way. The best way.

Layer 2: 
Internet-Connected Access

Is it a crime to need a private network, only to have to wait months to get it installed at your office? We think it should be. Mode SD-CORE is Internet-connected. That means you already have everything you need to connect to the highest-performing private network on the planet in just a few seconds. That’s incredibly flexible.

Layer 3: 
What good is easy private network onboarding if you can’t afford to use it once it’s running? Having to pick and choose which apps and data to run on your preciously expensive private network is the definition of inflexible. Not with Mode. We begin with high-performance private underlays from our service provider partners. Then we do something amazing: we make them more efficient with autonomous control. And that efficiency translates into even better performance, and remarkable affordability. How affordable? The price of business Internet. Not having to choose which app, what data - that’s our gift to you.

Layer 4: 
End-to-End Security
Some software-defined cores (backbones) require you to share your security keys with them to achieve their performance gains. We think that’s a bad idea. That should be your choice. Mode believes that control of security keys and policy should stay exclusively in the hands of our customers. Need end-to-end security via SD-WAN encryption? We support that. Want to direct your data to a VNF for this or that? We support that, too. Again, flexibility.

Layer 5: 
At Mode, we are experts of Core Control and the private performance Core. We leave things like Edge Control to our many partners. Some Core providers force you to use their homegrown SD-WAN to get access to their backbone network. We think that’s a bad idea. Choosing between market-leading SD-WANs and the highest-performing cloud private network in the world? That isn’t right. Good news: you don’t have to. Mode SD-CORE works seamlessly with ANY SD-WAN. The one you have, or the one you want. We’ve got your back.

Your Last Mile and SD-WAN, Enhanced with Mode SD-CORE


Layer 6: 
Millisecond Quote
When you’re interested in taking your SD-WAN to the next level of performance, you don’t want to wait around for weeks to get a quote. That’s why we are building the Mode Millisecond Estimator. It’s based on advances in technology beyond the scope of this blog. But it will give you an estimate for your custom-created network topology within milliseconds of clicking the “submit” button. Try that when you want a quote from your service provider. We’ll wait.

Layer 7: 
Mode & Go vs. Mode & More
Finally, we’ve reached the top of the OMG! stack. And it’s way up here that you’ll find the last piece of the puzzle – flexibility in purchasing.

Say you’ve got last mile and SD-WAN at all your branches. 
We’ve got you covered. Just add Mode & Go

On the other hand, let’s say you’re shopping for the best SD-WAN, and you need last mile around the world to boot - AND the highest-performing cloud private network the earth has ever seen? 
We and our Partners offer all of that with Mode & More.

So no matter how you want to get your Mode on, we’re sure we can make you happy.

There it is.

The Mode OMG! Stack. 

Why OMG!? Because that’s what you’ll say when you see how simple Mode makes quoting, deploying, operating, and affording a reliable high-performance Private Performance WAN. Considering that, I think we‘re all OK adding this particular acronym into the networking lexicon :)

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