Can You Trust A Start Up?

by Adam Gervin

Reliable Start Up. There it is. The oxymoron of early adoption.

Typically, you sweat the bugs in startup technology because the benefits are worth the wait. Before too long that V4 comes rolling out, and you’re vindicated.

But reliability out of the gate? Conventional wisdom says no way.

Let me tell you a story about conventional wisdom. When I was a medical student at Stanford, I was on a case with Dr. Vincent R. Hentz, a preeminent hand surgeon. A mentor. I got to call him Rod. I knew the conventional wisdom for applying tourniquets to limbs. Limbs can go without blood for a good amount of time, and bloodless surgery offers superior visualization.Legs, 180 minutes. So I mentioned the 90 minute rule to Rod at the start of a hand case, and he laughed.

“Rules like that are for people who can’t think.” He then used that patient’s medical record to precisely calculate a time. Lesson learned: conventional wisdom was for suckers.

True then, true now. Turns out, Mode is pretty unique in its ability to call itself a reliable startup. Here’s why:

No Pioneer Tax
When you suffer through the early versions of startup solutions, you’re paying a sort of pioneer tax. You’re along for the ride, right there with that crafty group of entrepreneurs. It’s both exciting and terrifying. I don’t know if it was my good friend Searl Tate (former CIO and Managing Director Paul Hastings, an Am Law 100 firm) who coined this phrase, but I certainly learned it from him. In fact, take a look at Searl’s guest blog here.

ericsson_singtel2It’s true that Mode SD-CORE is the highest performing, QoS-capable backbone network in the world. But the heart of our network consists of tried-and-true underlay networks, managed by trusted providers like Ericsson, Singtel, and a growing list of who’s who from the operator world. Our software uses Millisecond Control to eliminate subsecond problems from these already solid, business-class networks. Even without Mode in the picture, these networks feature reliability and security. We simply drive utilization efficiency that takes performance to unseen levels, and makes it affordable.

In this way, the failsafe position for Mode SD-CORE is a trusted network that’s wrung any pioneer tax from the equation many moons ago. This leaves Mode with essentially zero pioneer tax. All that’s left is the upside from transforming some very solid networks into an even better one.

Don’t Outsource Your Security
spy_guy2When it comes to security, don’t trust us. Seriously. The first rule of Compliance Club is trust no one. Especially not third parties. When businesses use Mode SD-CORE, they maintain exclusive control of their security policies and keys. Everything is encrypted on SD-WAN CPE, end-to-end. Mode is not a trusted party, and we don’t need to be.

Other backbone networks require key sharing for performance gains. Not Mode. Mode SD-CORE also offers the low attack surface missing from any public network, like the Internet, or backbones based on private PoP networks that still rely on public core transit.

From a security and compliance perspective, while you can’t trust any startup, you don’t have to with Mode.

Choose Your SD-WAN. Go at Your Pace.
Unlike other backbone providers, Mode doesn’t build our own SD-WAN. We encourage our customers to choose from among the market leaders, like Versa, Cisco SD-WAN, FatPipe, Meraki, VeloCloud, and others.  All trusted providers.


Then, we let businesses decide how much traffic to move from Internet or MPLS to Mode SD-CORE. Go at your own pace, and only pay for what you use. And if you need to move bandwidth back to other networks, we support that too, with provisioning and management changes made nearly instantly. Try that with your current network provider.

Mathematically Optimal
It’s hard to trust anything in this world, but math doesn’t lie. Mode SD-CORE is the world’s first Millisecond Network thanks to Perfect Network Control™. This autonomous control solution is based on published math, derived by our founders while at Cornell. 


It produces the mathematically optimal routing solution at every node on the network, every 150ms. While we can’t make the claim that our network is perfect, our routing is constantly driving bandwidth towards the meridian of perfection. That should go a long way to earning trust.

backersGreat Backers
Mode is backed by the National Science Foundation, who sponsored the original research, and venture firms like NEA and GV, who believe in our ability to create a ginormous market for affordable private QoS backbone networks in this era of “digital transformation.” We tend to agree with them.

Great Customers
Ultimately, trust comes from happy customers who have good things to say about your service. Birds of a feather, and all that. We’ve got some very big, very demanding customers, many of whom run their own networks to exacting standards.


They span a number of industries:

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Medical
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaged Goods
  • Technology: Hardware & Software
  • Telecommunications

Some of them are quite shy. We think we can coax them into the public eye later this year or early next, so they can tell you more about Mode SD-CORE, and how it has helped take their businesses to the next level.

99problems-thumb--blurred.Until that time, I’d like to leave you with a little something.

Download our latest infographic to learn how Mode is able to take trusted private service provider underlays and transform them into the gold standard for high-performance QoS backbones for the cloud era.

Trust me, your SD-WAN will thank you.