SD-WAN is Hot, and So Are We.

by Adam Gervin

Two weeks ago, we launched Mode. Launches are full of hope and anticipation, but the truth is you're probably going to have a long wait before the world notices you even exist. So you can imagine my surprise when I woke up to find Mode in a top 10 list from Network World. In an article that used the word "hot" to describe us. Twice. That wasn't expected, at least not so soon.

Of course, it's a short article, and this space is pretty complex. So here are some SD-WAN musings on a sunny Friday in the Bay Area:

  1. Mode isn't an SD-WAN. The title of the article categorizes us as an SD-WAN startup. Here's the rub: we don't build your SD-WAN, but we do make your SD-WAN better. How is that possible? By enhancing it with an affordable, reliable, QoS, self-service connectivity option. The reliability and QoS of MPLS. The flexibility and transparency of a cloud service. The cost of business internet. And, since we don't offer an SD-WAN, you're free to choose any SD-WAN you want based on any features you'd like.
  2. We don't use the internet as a backbone. We love the internet. It's great. It's just not great all the time, and no magic tricks, magic beans, or magical routing can make it perform like MPLS, reliability-wise. So we passed on creating a global connectivity service based around an internet core in lieu of a cloud private network built on a state-of-the-art Ericsson private underlay. We can make it incredibly efficient because it's routed with our breakthrough Mode HALO routing algorithm. That efficiency translates into true MPLS reliability with QoS and real QoS control in an affordable cloud service. Today, that just wouldn't be close to possible using the internet. But maybe someday (wink).
  3. If it's an app that requires solid connectivity, Mode can make it better. SaaS, IaaS, UCaaS, remote access, Express Route, Direct Connect, MS Peering. When we say cloud flexible, we aren't kidding. We like giving our customers plenty of good choices.

So thanks for the swipe right, Jeff Vance. You are definitely in the Mode.