Not Long Ago

by Adam Gervin

In a network far, far away....

There’s a street in San Francisco called Gold Street, named for the banks that held the spoils of the Gold Rush.

Your gold was safe in those banks. The trick was getting your gold into them without interruption. Along the way, you might get hit over the head or slipped a Mickey, and find yourself with no gold and a splitting headache on a surprisingly slow boat to China (i.e. being Shanghaied).

Today, there are no banks on Gold Street. You’re not going to get hit over the head going to dinner at Bix. But you’re still likely to encounter something slow to China that leaves you with the same big, bad headache: your network.

China. Business is booming. But connecting to businesses in China remains a huge PITA. There is precedent for good connectivity into and out of China: private networks (MPLS etc.). Tolerated by the government for business purposes. 

But the Internet? Not at all. There’s a good reason for so many homegrown SD-WAN solutions in China. They work great inside China, but break when connecting China to the rest of the world.

Cloud connectivity is even worse.
china_blog_latency_1     china_blog_packet_loss_1
Internet data courtesy Cloud Performance Benchmark 2019-2020 Edition from ThousandEyes

What you need is high-performance, high-availability connectivity to and from China that operates near the physical latency limit, and avoids nearly all latency variation, jitter, or packet loss. With the same kind of performance between China and any of the cloud service providers. All with the scale, flexibility, and affordability of the Internet.

You need two things to make this happen:

Thing One: 


The Right Provider in China
China has traditionally supported private networks like MPLS for vital business traffic. If you’re going to rely on a network connecting you to China, you need to choose the right provider — one with a history of working effectively in China. Not only is Singtel a leading networking provider in China and throughout Asia, they were also selected as the Best Enterprise Provider in the 2019 World Communication Awards. Today, Singtel has extended SD-CORE to three PoPs in China, as well as Hong Kong, Taipei, and Singapore. China is open for business like never before.

Thing Two:
The Right Network for China
We know that Mode SD-CORE is built from Mode Autonomous Fabric, the only autonomously controlled network solution that defines global core performance and delivers it to any edge solution, SD-WAN, or SaaS.

Now, Singtel brings the amazing network efficiencies of autonomous control and SD-CORE to China and all of Asia.

china_blog_latency_2      china_blog_packet_loss_2
Internet data courtesy Cloud Performance Benchmark 2019-2020 Edition from ThousandEyes

If you need reliable high-performance connectivity to, from, and within China, including CSP private link traffic — for any business, application, or service — SD-CORE is it. The ideal, affordable network at every moment, everywhere.

Learn more about Singtel SD-CORE here.

And may the Fabric be with you.