Is the Internet Good Enough?

by Adam Gervin

How's that for clickbait? OK, in fairness, the internet is pretty darned good. I like to think of it as the biggest infrastructure project in the history of humanity (truth). It's transformed our lives and our world in profound ways. It seems pretty short-sighted to rail against it.

But, it's a living network. It's not static (although most routing techniques are, go figure). So it can get better. And questioning its capabilities is part of this process. Fair?

Beyond the clickbait, the question I'm really asking is this: is the internet good enough for mission-critical applications? You would think it is, because more and more businesses are running hybrid clouds. They're keeping lots of their mission critical data in the cloud. And over 90% of employees rely on the Internet to access these apps and this data. They're putting a lot of faith in the internet. How's that going?

This question opens up a boxful of follow-ons:

  1. Is the internet good enough for mission-critical business applications?
  2. If not, is there a specific part of the internet that's the culprit?
  3. If so, can you isolate/replace the bad parts, and build a cloud connectivity solution that's ready for mission-critical business?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the subject of our next series of intriguing and informative blog posts.