Hey Look, Ma, I Tripled the Internet!

by Adam Gervin

A few days ago, news broke that Amazon was going to sell its own network devices. This led to a precipitous drop in the value of a number of market leaders, and the quick denial of any such move by Amazon itself — in the form of a direct phone call to Cisco.

Whether or not any or all of this is "fake news" — for me the takeaway is that people can feel that networks as we know them, and the technologies used to run them, are ready for disruptive change. We are all just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

Making networks better, faster, cheaper at moving data begins with rethinking the way packet data is routed. Today, it is done using a fixed heuristic approach, e.g. Shortest Path First, where "shortest" is whatever heuristic you wish to emphasize — capacity, latency, cost, etc. So what's the downside of this approach? Network utilization in the 30-40%. range. OMG. The internet could be three times bigger without spending a penny on new infrastructure if only routing were better. But how?

Mode HALO already does it. It defines packet data routing as a control system. It brings dynamic, autonomous optimization to any network, and triples network utilization, sustaining 90%+ use of resources.

Mode isn't making the internet 3X bigger (today). Instead we use Mode HALO to offer the highest-performing Cloud Private Network in the world, Mode SD-CORE. Our breakthrough in network utilization translates into MPLS-like performance and reliability, as a transparent and flexible cloud service that's available at a business-internet price point.

Mode enhances any SD-WAN, Unified Communications, Cloud Access, Remote Access, and a host of next-generation applications that demand ultimate network performance without the ultimate price tag.


The original Amazon news can be found here, and the refutal here.