Cisco, SD-WAN, and Routers ... Oh My!

by Adam Gervin

We were very excited to read that Cisco was integrating their Viptela SD-WAN into one million of its routers. Cisco is clearly committed to SD-WAN, everywhere. At Mode, we are committed to ENHANCING SD-WAN, everywhere. We are thrilled that we are so aligned!

SD-WAN does amazing things, of course, which is why Cisco wants it ubiquitous. It simplifies enterprise WAN setup and management, and offers edge flexibility and edge transparency. It's all about visibility and flexibility, actually.

Which is why it's so disheartening to hear that so many businesses are dissatisfied with the performance of their cloud applications. Inconsistent SaaS performance. Dropped connections to IaaS. Laggy VoIP and unified communications.

As good as SD-WAN may be, it's only as good as the networks available to it.

And while the ISP last-mile offers the kind of performance that can support mission-critical business applications, the internet's core is inconsistent. A best-efforts internet core means intermittent dropped packets, and lots of latency variance. That translates into poor SaaS, site-to-site, UC, VoIP, and remote access experiences. The alternative to date has been MPLS. Problem solved — but at a cost. A very big cost. Money and time, actually. While SD-WAN helps IT folks keep those costs down by saving only the most-important application traffic for this costly hardware-defined network, enterprise needs something better. Soon.

Enter a new breed of cloud networks, with big promises (we're one of them of course). Some of them offer MPLS-like performance, but at an MPLS cost. Their feature — flexibility. But only with their own SD-WAN. Others still use the internet core network, but offer global POP access and some optimizations. Again, only with their SD-WAN. None offer the performance of MPLS, the flexibility of cloud, and the price of business internet. With ANY SD-WAN.

Except Mode. We are a reliable and transparent core network, and work with any SD-WAN or UCaaS solution. How do we do it? Simple (not really). Mode is built around an NSF-sponsored autonomous routing discovery that triples network resource utilization using just software. And not just any software: the Mode HALO algorithm is the only mathematically optimal routing solution in the world. Really. The result is an unmatched combination of cloud network performance and price. Mode is the world's highest-performing Cloud Private Network for enterprise. Today we enhance any SD-WAN, SaaS/IaaS access, UCaaS, and cloud CPE. Tomorrow we #tripletheinternet

So thanks, Cisco. You keep setting 'em up, and we'll be there, ready to swing.