SD-WAN: How a Bad Acronym Inspired a Network Revolution

SD-WAN: How a Bad Acronym Inspired a Network Revolution
There are currents of speech that simply annoy. I’m certain you know what I mean. Words or phrases that trend and are harder to kill than zombies. I swear if I hear “top of mind” or “at the end of the day” or “empower” or “move the needle,” I will flip my bits.

But acronyms rule them all. We all used to enjoy a good acronym or two. Nowadays, every verbose concept winds up with its very own tongue twister. Worst of all, some manage to be both annoying AND misleading.

Case in point: SD-WAN. Software-Defined Wide Area Network. Except it’s not.

Can You Trust A Start Up?

Reliable Start Up. There it is. The oxymoron of early adoption.

Typically, you sweat the bugs in startup technology because the benefits are worth the wait. Before too long that V4 comes rolling out, and you’re vindicated.

But reliability out of the gate? Conventional wisdom says no way.

The Mode OMG! Stack

Have It Your Way.

I am simply amazed at the volume of professional acronyms that get tossed around daily on the job. It’s clearly some sort of currency of credibility.

My Car Wash Is Your Network

Pretty good clickbait, huh? Hard to make any sense of it, but just enough to draw you in to find out what's what. I promise you, it will be worth it.

Internet Based Networks for SD-WAN: Should I Care?

When it comes to networks and SD-WAN, businesses have an increasing number of options. And with that comes a whole lot of confusion.

Most enterprises see this world in two colors: last-mile (Internet) or Private Network (MPLS).

Bad For Business

How Network Performance Batters Your Bottom Line

We all know that bad networks with high latency, latency variation, jitter, and packet loss lead to user frustration – leaving your workers, and your customers, unhappy. Which leads to low usage and churn. Then lost opportunities, and lower profits. 

Fool's Gold

The Gold Standard Needs Polish

Everyone reading this blog has lived long enough to see records broken. Giants laid low. Things thought impossible, made commonplace. Gold standards surpassed and forgotten. In the modern era of business connectivity, MPLS has been the gold standard for quite some time.

Stop Clouding Around

For Enterprises, SD-WAN provides last-mile reliability, cloud orchestration, and IPSEC-based security and privacy. But in its most basic form, SD-WAN does little to ameliorate the effect of...

If your business relies on applications and infrastructure running in the cloud, you know how much reliable, high-performance connectivity contributes to the end user's quality of experience.

The Year of No-Worry SD-WAN

A few months ago, David Hughes, CEO of Silver Peak, wrote a piece titled "2019 Predictions: the Year of SD-WAN."

I read the article and liked it so much that I snatched it back and held it with my GTD (shout out to Todoist, and Buddy Guy) for a future blog. Thanks, David!

Mode for Dummkopfs

I really wanted to go with "dummy" but I was alerted to all the wonderful lawsuit potential. Still, I argued, we are a young company. No one will notice or care. And then I stared down at my weisswurst and spaetzle, and this happened. Not really. But let's imagine it anyway, like a magic trick we just want to believe.